Marta Medina is a warehouse worker and is a part of Warehouse Workers United, an organization committed to improving the quality of life and jobs for warehouse workers in Southern California’s Inland Empire.

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Marta Medina

My name is Marta Medina and I am a warehouse worker. In the five years I worked in a warehouse, I learned to tolerate dangerous and unjust working conditions.

One of the most humiliating experiences happened four years ago when I was eight months pregnant. I received a Walmart order to ship 2,000 boxes in one hour. I could barely lift any boxes and I felt like I might lose my baby. The whole time I was thinking: “Please baby stay in there.” I was also thinking of my family in El Salvador. My little boy is there. He is 11-years-old. I need to provide for him so I couldn’t risk complaining and losing my job. All I could do is hold my stomach and ask God for help. My employer didn’t care about the pain I was in.