Martha Bader is project coordinator with the California Labor Federation's Workforce & Economic Development program.

Ex-Hostess/Interstate Workers Win Extra Benefits Under Trade Adjustment Assistance

Martha Bader

When Hostess filed for bankruptcy for the second time in a few years, workers knew that the company’s problems were not their fault but the product of years of mismanagement. Last week, an investigation by the Department of Labor concluded that the Hostess/Interstate bankruptcy was indeed the result of declining market share in the face of increasing competition from foreign bakeries.  The DOL’s press release for the decision for Petition T-A-W-82,165, can be read here  (and for the ambitious, the whole decision is here.).

As a result of this determination, many former Hostess workers now qualify for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), a richer and longer-lasting level of Federal retraining money, income replacement and health care (COBRA) subsidies designed to help workers whose work has moved offshore and who therefore may need extra help transitioning to a new job or career.