Melissa Mikesell is West Coast Director and Senior Counsel at the Alliance for Justice, a national association of more than 100 organizations dedicated to advancing justice and democracy. For 30 years AFJ has been leading the fight for a more equitable society on behalf of a broad constituency of environmental, consumer, civil and women's rights, children's, senior citizens' and other groups. Alliance for Justice is premised on the belief that all Americans have the right to secure justice in the courts and to have our voice heard when government makes decisions that affect our lives.

Stand Up Against Attacks On Labor Allies And Progressive Organizations

We've seen the far right and conservative business interests attack some of the nation's most important organizations, from Planned Parenthood and Media Matters to public employee unions in Wisconsin. The latest target is the local group that helped create the living wage movement and defeated Wal-Mart at the ballot box: the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE).

LAANE is one of the country's leading advocates for good jobs and a healthy environment, and they have helped dozens of organizations across the U.S. enact policies to reduce poverty and pollution. As the late Ted Kennedy said, “LAANE's impressive efforts have changed the lives of countless working families.”