Michael Cabanatuan is a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle and a member of Pacific Media Workers Guild-CWA local 39521.

Hearst & Health Care: Will the San Francisco Chronicle Be Fair?

My name is Michael Cabanatuan. Like most of my co-workers, I love working for the Chronicle.

I never expected to make big money writing for a newspaper, even though it’s a demanding, often stressful job. None of us did. But we did expect to be paid decent, if modest, salaries we could live on, good health insurance, a reasonable amount of time off and some retirement.

We showed our love for the Chronicle a few years ago when times were tough by sacrificing pay raises, vacation time and holidays and by letting Hearst end our pension plan. Our donations to the Hearst Corp. — not to mention our hard work — have helped turn the Chronicle toward profitability. (Not that they’ve ever said thank you.) No, Hearst has simply taken — and taken advantage of our love for journalism and for the Chronicle.