Netsy Firestein is the founder and Director of the Labor Project for Working Families. The Labor Project is a national non-profit organization working with labor unions to negotiate and advocate for better work/family policies including child care, paid family leave, eldercare and flexible work hours. The Labor Project maintains the only database of contract language on work/family issues and publishes a quarterly newsletter, Labor Family News. Most recently the Labor Project played a key organizing role in the campaign that passed the nation’s first paid family leave legislation in California.

Netsy has over 20 years experience working with labor on work/family issues. She has worked with many local and International unions and labor/management committees on developing work/family contract language and programs. Netsy does trainings around the country on labor and work/family issues and is the co-author of numerous articles on these issues.

Spread the Word on Paid Family Leave

Imagine this. You pay into an insurance fund for years but never use its benefits – even when you need it the most – because you are not aware of your rights!  That’s the case with many California workers.

Almost all California workers pay into the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) fund – an insurance plan that provides workers partialwage-replacement for pregnancy related and other disability leaves as well as the Paid Family Leave (PFL) program.  The PFL program pays workers up to six weeks of their partial wages (55%) when they take time off to bond with a new child (including adoptive and foster children) or care for a seriously ill family member (parent, child, spouse or domestic partner).