Paul Krehbiel, a union auto parts worker in the late 1960’s, was the chief negotiator for over 5,000 Registered Nurses and members of SEIU in Los Angeles County in the 2000’s, and an organizer of union Stewards Councils at major county hospitals.

Prop. 32: Labor Fights New Attack on Unions and the 99% in California

, put on the ballot by wealthy conservative corporate leaders, claims it will stop “special interest” groups from funding politics.  Yet, Prop 32 targets only unions, and not corporations. 

Proposition 32 sounds fair on the surface.  It calls for prohibiting corporations and unions from deducting money from workers' income for political campaigns. But only unions deduct money from its members' income, in the form of union dues, which is the only source of income for most unions.  A small portion of union dues are donated to political campaigns. Corporations don’t raise money by deducting money from their employees' pay, so Proposition 32 has no impact on corporations.