Randy Bayne is communications director at the North Valley Labor Federation.

North Valley Union Members and Candidates Connect

The San Joaquin-Calaveras CLC held a first-of-its-kind candidate training Saturday, October 22 at the CLC’s new labor center in Stockton. Leaders from several affiliates held discussions with candidates about issues important to public and private sector workers, education workers, and the Building Trades. Candidates for Congress on down to School Board attended, though the training was intended for candidates for local offices. Assembly and higher offices have a different process, but also found this training helpful.

High-Speed Rail Means Jobs, Jobs, Jobs for the Central Valley

(NVLF) hosted Economic Recovery in Our Community, a forum on high-speed rail and the jobs it is expected to bring to all of California beginning with the San Joaquin Valley. Attending the forum were about 50 people from labor, state, city and county government, and the community.

Mark Kyle of Operating Engineers Local 3 told the audience that high-speed rail will create approximately 600,000 jobs, not including jobs created as the system comes on line to sustain and support the system and provide the services necessary to travelers along the route.