Santos Castaneda is a warehouse worker in Chino and member of Warehouse Workers United.

My Journey to Sacramento for Justice in the Warehouse Industry

My name is Santos Castaneda and I am a warehouse worker in Chino, CA. I unload containers full of shoes shipped from China, and load them into trailers that carry them to your local Walmart store. I have worked here for three years at minimum wage through a staffing agency in hot, dangerous conditions.

Wednesday, I spoke at the California Assembly Labor committee hearing in support of AB 1855, a bill that would change the labor code to force employers in the warehouse industry that use subcontractors take responsibility for the conditions they create. Assemblymember Norma Torres of Pomona introduced this bill because she was struck by the fact that these warehouse employers are acting so irresponsibly in her district. The California Labor Federation prioritized the legislation because the warehouse industry is so important to our state- more than 200,000 Californians work in this industry, and these are jobs crucial to our economic recovery.