Steve Maviglio is the principal of Forza Communications, a Sacramento-based public affairs/campaign firm. He was formerly Deputy Chief of Staff for two history-making California Assembly Speakers, Karen Bass and Fabian Nunez, where he provided strategic communication and political advice to the Speaker and the Assembly Democratic Caucus. Capitol Weekly recently named him one of the most powerful staffers in the Capitol. Learn more about Steve.

Prop 31: Takes Away Funding From Schools, Doesn’t Fix What’s Broken in Sacramento

? It’s so convoluted that even some of the people who helped put it on the November ballot are now opposed to it. Several members of the California Forward Action Fund, which has spent $4.5 million so far in support of the initiative, resigned from the organization out of protest, saying the proposition “contains serious flaws” and “will further harm California.”

That’s because Proposition 31 was jam-packed with so many political theories and provisions that it will result in new layers of bureaucracy, more expensive government, continued gridlock in Sacramento, and less money for classrooms and kids.

California Alliance for Jobs Video, “Wimps Didn’t Build California,” Promotes High Speed Rail

 released a short video challenging stakeholders and decision-makers to be bold, visionary thinkers and reminding them, “Wimps didn’t build California. People with grit and dreams did.” 

The three-minute online video, which can be seen here, says that our visionary forefathers said, “to hell with the skeptics” and built the California that today is the envy of the world.

LAO’s Incisive Report Should be the Death of GOP Pension Ballot Measures

The Legislative Analyst's Office has found that ballot measures being sponsored by leading state Republicans would bring “large uncertainty” to the state's pension systems, cost governments $1 billion more per year for the next 30 years, and likely would force state and local governments to pay more to compensate teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public employees. And that's just for starters.

The LAO hit the nail on the head about these sloppily-drafted and extreme ballot measures being advanced by right-wing Republicans. These unworkable initiatives will be an economic disaster for our state, be tied up in the courts for years, result in no significant savings for decades, and squeeze California's middle class even more.

Pension Truth Squad: Public Employees Are Doing Their Part

As lawmakers examine public pensions and Gov. Jerry Brown prepares to release his new pension agenda, firefighters, law enforcement officers and others are fighting to preserve retirement security for California’s middle class. The Pension Truth Squad gathered outside a legislative hearing today to set the record straight about politically motivated attacks on public worker pensions.

Pension Truth Squad Sets the Record Straight in San Diego

Teachers, firefighters and other members of Californians for Retirement Security’s Pension Truth Squad visited San Diego Monday to share personal stories and set the record straight about the ongoing attacks on public workers across California. The right-wing agenda of tearing down retirement security for public workers is fueled by misinformation, distortions and outright lies.

The truth is, after years of public service, most public workers have a modest retirement that they have contributed a percentage of their income toward. California public employees’ contributions to their pensions have climbed from 5 percent to 7 to 10 percent, and the average public pension in California is $26,000. Many, including teachers, retirees do not receive Social Security benefits. The average public teacher’s retirement in California is $33,000 a year after an average 27 years of service.