Steven Bliss is the communications director at the California Budget Project. Prior to this, he was executive director of Renew Lehigh Valley, an organization working to promote urban revitalization and regional equity in eastern Pennsylvania. Steven previously worked as a San Francisco-based consultant specializing in policy research and analysis on housing, welfare, education, transportation, and regional economic development. Steven is a graduate of Northwestern University and holds a master’s degree in literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Uneven Progress: What the Economic Recovery Has Meant for California’s Workers

Steven Bliss

Earlier this week, the California Budget Project released our annual Labor Day report, taking a look at the latest employment and wage trends, what they mean for workers and their families, and some key implications for public policy. This new report shows that even after more than three years of job gains, California’s recovery from the Great Recession thus far has left many workers behind.

Uneven Progress: What the Economic Recovery Has Meant for California’s Workers finds that Californians continue to face a deeply challenging job market, with long-term unemployment down only slightly from a record high, much of the state still stuck in double-digit unemployment, and wages among low- and mid-wage workers still below where they were prior to the recession, after adjusting for inflation.