Stewart Acuff is America’s foremost labor organizer. He started union organizing in 1982 as the Service Employees International Union organizing coordinator in Texas where he and his team organized 12 nursing homes in two years. In 1985, Stewart Acuff went to Georgia where he founded SEIU Local 1985 and built the union up to 3000 members. In 1990, he became president of the Atlanta AFL-CIO where he organized and led the historic campaign to unionize the 1996 Olympics, labor’s biggest victory ever in the South.

In 2000 he went to work for the national AFL-CIOStewart Acuff was organizing director from 2001-2008. Under his tenure the labor movement grew by more than it had in a generation. Stewart Acuff developed the policy and legislation which became the Employee Free Choice Act and led the campaign to pass it. Stewart Acuff then worked as Chief of Staff of the Utility Workers Union of America until May, 2012.

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Walmart Sues Individual Activist for Standing Up for World’s Most Exploited Workers

Stewart Acuff

The world’s largest and most oppressive corporation in the world, Walmart, has sued Gene Lantz (pictured below), a retired union activist, for standing up for the victims of Walmart, some of the most oppressed workers in the world.

Lantz, the United Food and Commercial Workers, OUR Walmart, and Jobs With Justice have been sued by Walmart for civil trespassing for crossing their parking lots.

We’ve noted in this space before how thin-skinned and controlling the world’s largest global corporations can be. Walmart and others who drive global poverty and the economic race to the bottom can spend huge resources trying to control people in a free society for crossing a parking lot they don’t even own.