Susan Sachen is the campaign director at the California Labor Federation

Let’s Travel the Road to Citizenship Together

Susan Sachen

There's no doubt that the time is now for comprehensive immigration reform and a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million aspiring Americans. But, not surprisingly, many Republicans in the House of Representatives seem content with obstructing this vital reform and letting our broken immigration system drag on indefinitely.

Sounds like business as usual in DC… But here in California, we're not just going to sit around and wait to see what happens in the Capitol; we're hitting the streets to make our voices heard!

Next week, dozens of groups from all over California are joining a caravan to Bakersfield to demand a vote on comprehensive immigration reform. Why Bakersfield? That's the district of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the #3 ranking Republican in the House of Representatives. He has the ability to influence House leadership like few others can.