Tefere Gebre is the Executive Director of the Orange County Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, which represents over ninety local unions with a total membership of over a hundred and forty thousand working men and women.

Formerly, Tefere was Director of Governmental Relations for Laborers local 270. He has also worked for the statewide labor movement when he served as the Southern California Political Director of the California Labor Federation. His national experience includes working for the AFL-CIO in Washington DC as the Executive Director of Frontlash, which then was the youth and college arm of the national labor movement. After serving as Political Director of the Orange County Labor Federation from 2006 to 2008, his great success and leadership earned him the role as Executive Director of the labor federation in 2008. Learn more about Tefere.

The Truth About the Right-Wing’s Latest Scheme to Punish Workers

Throughout the state, local unions have worked with cities to save jobs and continue to provide quality services. But in Costa Mesa, Mayor Gary Monahan and Councilman Jim Righeimer — who were the forces behind anti-union Props 226 and 75 – met in secret as a two-man working group to hatch their latest scheme.  In a purely political move, they rushed the City Council into sending layoff notices to 213 of the City’s 472 workers, including firefighters, maintenance workers and jail staff.

Despite their own studies showing this misguided agenda will cost taxpayers more for outsourced services, Monahan and Righeimer chose politics over facts. Their anti-union actions were cheered by the Chair of the Orange County Republican Party who called Costa Mesa “Ground Zero” in a plot to roll back workers wages, rights and protections.