Tom Dalzell is the business manager and financial secretary of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1245, which represents 18,000 utility workers in the state of Nevada (excluding Las Vegas) and Northern California. 

Historic Agreement Paves Way for Alliance Between Labor and Environmentalists

For too long, the interests of labor and environmental groups have cleaved through the Democratic Party. The transition to clean energy has stressed this relationship further: as carbon-based sources of power come under fire, the union jobs that go along with them (workers at power plants) are being replaced by low-wage, non-union positions (think solar panel installers, who frequently make minimum wage).

Fifty Thousand Friends: Union Organizing On Facebook

to fight the utility's decision to the slash health benefits of their retirees. We made a conscious decision at the beginning to try something new and approach the campaign not as a speech, but as a dialogue.

This week, Shame on NV Energy notched its 50,000th member and became the largest organized labor site on Facebook, dwarfing the national AFL-CIO, SEIU and AFSCME. 50,000 friends isn't just a number — we've engaged our members to sign petitions, show up at protests and put public pressure on the company. And we've helped secure some real concessions, including a key change to the company's bylaws through a shareholder resolution.