Tom Rankin is the treasurer of the California Alliance for Retired Americans. He is also the past president of the California Labor Federation.

History Shows SB 863 Reform the Right Solution for Injured Workers

the California Labor Federation is co-sponsoring is bad for injured workers?  You shouldn’t be.  They have historically opposed virtually every effort by Labor and management to negotiate a more rational workers’ compensation system in California, which would provide injured workers with higher, more certain benefits while getting rid of some features in the system which, while not really helping injured workers, add major unnecessary costs for employers.

A little history might be useful here.  During his previous Governorship, Jerry Brown’s Director of Industrial Relations, Don Vial, proposed to create a more efficient workers’ compensation system by creating a pool of state doctors to evaluate permanent disability claims.  At that time, Labor and the applicants’ attorneys joined together to defeat this effort.  Then, just before he left office in 1982, Brown signed a benefit increase bill that was the product of a deal between Labor, the insurance industry and the applicants’ attorneys.