Cry Wolf Project Debunks Corporate, Conservative Claims

How many times have we heard from big corporations and their political allies—usually well-financed by corporate campaign contributions—that the latest workplace safety, environmental or consumer protection regulation will kill jobs, ruin the economy and lead to the end of civilization as we know it?

I’ve lost track—but the new Cry Wolf Project hasn’t.

The Cry Wolf Project is a network of advocates, researchers and scholars dedicated to demonstrating that, in fact, conservatives and business groups are only “crying wolf” to delay, prevent and weaken important and commonsense regulations that save lives, clean our environment and make our families more secure.

The group’s just-launched website includes:

  • A Quote Bank of nearly 800 “cry wolf” quotes opposing popular and effective laws and regulations over the past century.
  • Evidence including dozens of articles, studies showing how health, safety, environmental and other important laws have actually saved lives, motivated innovation and helped grow the economy.
  • Backgrounders and briefs on a variety of issues, from auto emissions to workplace safety.
  • Cry Wolf Blog with the latest commentary showing the latest efforts to block important laws and regulations.

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