URGENT: Your Call to Congressman Denham Needed Now!

Washington DC Office: 202-225-4540
Modesto District Office: 209-579-5458

We need our Representative in Congress to stand up for our families and neighbors.  If Trumpcare passes the House, 51,900 people in Congressman Jeff Denham’s district stand to lose their health insurance.  If you don’t think that’s right, please call Congressman Denham now and urge him to stand up for his constituents.  It just takes two minutes, and your voice matters.

Some suggested talking points:

  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act will result in 51,900 in this district alone losing their healthcare
  • Congressman Denham has an opportunity to show strong leadership in standing against repeal.
  • AARP, the American Medical Association, and dozens of other healthcare groups agree that repealing the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea that would hurt Californians, especially seniors.