Drivers for Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation Choose Teamsters Union

Bauer’s Drivers Latest Group to Choose Teamster Representation in the Tech Industry

Drivers with Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation are the latest workers in the tech transportation industry to choose Teamsters representation, after a majority of drivers signed up last week to join San Francisco-based Teamsters Local 665.

The 39 drivers operate commuter shuttles for Bauer’s big tech clients, including Cisco Systems, Zynga, Electronic Arts and Intuit.

The drivers joined the union via a card-check agreement with Bauer’s and will see increases in wages and benefits comparable to those of the Teamster members working at other big tech companies—including drivers for Loop Transportation at Facebook, and for Compass Transportation at Apple, Yahoo and others. One hundred percent of the drivers who participated in the card-check process chose Teamsters representation.

The announcement follows more than a yearlong organizing effort by the drivers.

“This has been a long struggle for us, but we stuck together and we have always had faith that we would win,” said Art Ariza, a Bauer’s driver. “I’m hopeful and excited now that we have our union. We heard all the success the Teamsters have had representing Loop drivers at Facebook, and we’re looking forward to having what they have, including better pay and health care.”

Bauer’s drivers joined with the Teamsters and community members to bring attention to the need for labor harmony in the commuter shuttle industry over the past year. This led to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) passage of a labor harmony provision under the city’s commuter shuttle program in April. Bauer’s was denied a new operating permit due in part to its poor labor harmony record and to operational issues.

This summer SFMTA granted Bauer’s a continuance on the permit decision. The Teamsters are supporting Bauer’s in securing a new permit.

“Today’s victory did not come easily, but these workers stayed united,” said Mark Gleason, Teamsters Local 665 Secretary-Treasurer. “We look forward to building a positive working relationship with the company, and bringing the drivers the same protections and benefits that other high-tech shuttle buses have.”

“We cannot overstate the incredible role these workers played throughout their campaign, nor can we underestimate the crucial role labor harmony played to help make today’s win possible, and the important role it will continue to play in the Bay Area,” said Rome Aloise, Teamsters International Vice President and President of Teamsters Joint Council 7. “We are continuing and adding to our goal of bringing superior union wages and benefits to all drivers who are working for contractors in the tech shuttle business. This is the only way to protect these improvements going forward for all drivers.”

Following this latest victory, Teamsters also encouraged cafeteria workers at Intel organizing with UNITE HERE to follow their lead in a closely watched union election on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution calling on the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to adopt a similar labor harmony policy to the SFMTA’s.

The Teamsters Union is part of a growing movement of labor, faith and community-based organizations and workers challenging income inequality in Silicon Valley through an innovative partnership called Silicon Valley Rising. For more information, visit http://siliconvalleyrising.org.

For more information on tech worker organizing with the Teamsters, visit: http://teamster.org/tech-drivers-deserve-union.

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