Meet the Labor Candidates 2018

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A champion on workers’ rights, health care, immigrant rights and workforce development, Gavin’s bold leadership promises to put working people first, helping build a stronger a California. He supports equal pay for equal work, prevailing wage on construction projects, stronger protections for women from sexual harassment and abuse, LGBT rights and criminal justice reform. His leadership embodies our values as Californians, which is why union workers around the state support Newsom for Governor. Learn more about Gavin Newsom

Lt. Governor: DR. ED HERNANDEZ

Dr. Ed, as he’s known to friends and constituents, has been one of the strongest advocates in the state legislature for expanding access to health care and making it more affordable for our families. As a State Senator, Dr. Ed worked with labor to pass SB 17, a landmark law to provide transparency on prescription drug costs to protect our families from being gouged by Big Pharma. He’s a strong supporter of unions and the right to organize, always showing up on picket lines when workers need an advocate. He has a lifetime voting record on 97% with the California Labor Federation, including 100% in 2017. Learn more about Dr. Ed Hernandez


Attorney General: XAVIER BECERRA

Attorney General Becerra, the son of immigrants — a construction and clerical worker — has made it his life’s work to fight for those without a voice. When the Trump Administration attacked California’s laws protecting immigrant families, Becerra fought back, helping solidify California’s position as the Resistance to Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric. As AG, he’s standing up for workers by going after bad employers who cheat working people. Prior to being appointed AG by Governor Brown, Becerra served as a member of Congress, fighting for working people on a range of issues including good wages, secure retirement and the right to form and join unions. Learn more about Xavier Becerra


State Treasurer: FIONA MA

Fiona is a certified public account (CPA) with a strong record in support of workers. As a member of the legislature, she fought to increase access to quality health care, provide equal rights to all Californians and protect victims of domestic violence. She proudly supports equal pay for equal work, higher wages for workers, and investing in our public schools. Her lifetime voting record on workers’ issues is 92%. Learn more about Fiona Ma


Secretary of State: ALEX PADILLA

As Secretary of State, Alex Padilla is championing voting rights and increasing access to voting for all Californians, with a laser-focus on giving populations that have historically had barriers to vote a voice. Millions of Californians have registered to vote since Padilla took office, primarily young people and people of color, making California’s electorate more reflective of our diversity as a state. Alex is a longtime supporter of workers’ rights, fighting for prevailing wage, the freedom to form and join unions and siding with the labor movement against corporate attacks. He has a lifetime labor voting record of 92%. Learn more about Alex Padilla

Superintendent of Public Instruction: TONY THURMOND

As a product of public schools himself, Tony is a longtime advocate for fully funding our local schools so that kids have every opportunity to succeed in the classroom and in life. As a school board member, Tony spearheaded efforts to lower truancy rates and provide after school programs to help those from low-income families reach their full potential. In the state legislature, Tony was a strong supporter of working people and education, serving as chair of the Assembly Labor Committee. As Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony will work to increase investment in public schools to lower class sizes, support teachers and provide more funding for preschool and after school programs. Tony will work to end the school-to-prison pipeline by investing in a quality education for all children. He’s supported by the California Federation of Teachers, California Teachers Association, California School Employees Association and unions across the state. Learn more about Tony Thurmond

Insurance Commissioner: RICARDO LARA

Ricardo is running for Insurance Commissioner to defend California families from federal attacks on our health care and increase access to care for all Californians. While Trump and the GOP are trying to strip working people of health care – including those with pre-existing conditions like cancer and diabetes – Lara has been leading the fight in the state legislature to control health care costs and provide affordable quality to care to everyone in our state. As Insurance Commissioner, he’ll work tirelessly to be an advocate for working people while taking on special interests in the medical establishment like pharmaceutical companies that are driving up our health care costs by gouging patients. Lara has a strong record in support of workers, voting with working people 97% of the time as a legislator. Learn more about Ricardo Lara

State controller: BETTY YEE

As State Controller, Betty is committed not only to the state’s fiscal health, but economic opportunity for every single Californian. She’s a lifelong supporter of workers’ rights and a champion on issues like ending poverty, providing job training, raising worker pay and a secure retirement for all. Betty’s been a staunch and vocal advocate for the freedom to form and join unions as a path to the American Dream. We’re proud to support Betty for a second term, joining newspapers across the state, community leaders, women’s groups and local unions. Learn more about Betty Yee


As the leader of the California State Senate, Kevin made working people’s issues a top priority. He spearheaded landmark environmental protections, focused on creating good, union clean energy jobs, expanding health care to all Californians and protecting immigrant families from abuse and exploitation. He’s not just been a supporter of union families, he’s been a champion for us. He strongly advocated for the creation of more union jobs as a central component to the state’s efforts to build the middle class and eliminate poverty. He has a 97% lifetime voting record in support of working people, including a 100% record in 2017. Learn more about Kevin de León