Tips on Coordinating a Phone Bank

Tips on Coordinating a Phone Bank

  • When setting up a phone bank, always choose a location that is in a safe neighborhood that is easily accessible by car or public transit. If budget permits, offer volunteers parking or public transit vouchers.
  • Try to schedule the phone banking during a time when most people will be at home (6-9pm during the week, or weekend afternoons).
  • Ask volunteers to arrive at least one hour before phone banking is scheduled to begin, to allow time for training and questions. Be sure to address any and all questions before the phone banking begins.
  • Provide plenty of water, coffee and snacks for volunteers.
  • Decorate the phone bank room with posters and flyers to keep a bright disposition.
  • Maintain an upbeat attitude! If you stay positive, your volunteers will be positive as well!

Tips for Phone Calls with Voters


  • Introduce yourself as a volunteer with your union
  • Keep your contacts concise and to the point
  • Thank the voter for their time
  • Be positive about the qualities of the issues/candidates
  • Ask if you can count on them to support the union candidate or ticket


  • Argue with the voters or try to convince them they are wrong.
  • Push the voter if he/she is not interested or seems annoyed

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