Fix California’s Leaky Gas Pipes

Jerry Acosta, BlueGreen Alliance 

California’s aging natural gas pipelines are leaking. Just last year, California saw close to 30,000 leaks from one utility alone—and while they may not always be hazardous, these leaks exacerbate climate change. If that weren’t enough, current California regulations set no time limit before some types of pipelines leaks are repaired. While some proactive utilities fix them in a timely manner, we need a reliable statewide system to ensure that all leaks are repaired quickly.

This week, the bill is expected to be heard in committee and if it passes, the full California State Senate will vote next week on SB 1371—a common sense bill authored State Senator Mark Leno that will develop a comprehensive statewide system to identify and repair natural gas leaks quickly.

This bill will improve the integrity and reliability of California’s natural gas pipelines and stop natural gas pipes from leaking methane gas—a climate pollutant more than 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Repairing our natural gas pipelines is also good for our economy—it will create and maintain family-sustaining jobs in every part of our state.

This legislation is supported unions, consumer groups, and environmental organizations throughout the state.

Join the growing coalition and urge your State Senator to support this bill by sending a letter in support of SB 1371 today!