Fresno Farmers and Business Owners Get It: Get California Working

The giant tractor parked in front of Senator Tom Berryhill’s Fresno office said it all.

That’s where the statewide Stand up for California tour stopped on Thursday, where local farmers, a yoga studio owner, a financial analyst and small business owners asked the Senator to get California working again by supporting a fair and balanced state budget that includes maintaing existing revenues.

Local farmer Emin Dhaliwal called on Berryhill to break through political lines:

Valley farmers know that the prosperity of our business is closely tied to the prosperity of our community, our ability to fund police for safe communities, and our investment in our children’s education. That’s why it is imperative that California straighten out its current budget mess and protect core functions like education and public safety.

It’s the partisan gridlock that has held up the proposal to maintain existing revenues, despite business organizations like the California Chamber of Commerce supporting a budget that includes both cuts and revenues. The chamber also points to a partisan stalemate as an obstacle to job creation and economic recovery. The California Small Business Association, California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and the Valley Industry and Commerce Association are among the business associations who have supported Governor Brown’s balanced approach to the budget.

Financial advisor and local business owner Artie Rogers echoed calls for fairness and financial responsibility:

We need a balanced approach with controlled spending and maintaing our tax revenue. We can’t do this with cuts alone; the massive layoffs that would result from an all-cuts budget will mean more foreclosures, more small business closures, and the possibility of stalling our economic recovery. I urge our legislators to pass Governor Brown’s plan to protect jobs so California can get working again.

Now that Central Valley Californians have taken a stand for California, can you?

Every legislator in every district needs to know just how harmful these cuts are. Not only for California families, but for our already fragile economy. That’s why they need to hear it straight from you. Take a minute to contact your local legislator and ask them to stand up for California.

Thanks for making a difference in this fight.