From our friends at Labor 411: Union Made Oscars!

5th Annual Oscars Special

The 5th Annual Labor 411 Oscars Special is here, celebrating another year of awards that revolve around an industry that is highly unionized. Even the show itself is put together and run with union hands. In their honor we’ve put together another fun list of union-made products inspired by this year’s batch of Best Picture nominees.


• Pictionary and/or Scrabble
Linguist Louise Banks would appreciate both of these.

• Louisville Slugger
Kind of a no-brainer. Swing for the, well, you know.

Hacksaw Ridge
• Channellock tools
Well, they don’t make hacksaws, but these are some of the most reliable tools in the country.

Hell or High Water
• Alhambra
Water, we pick water.

Hidden Figures
• 2017 Chevrolet Corvette
Not quite a rocket, but if you ever drive one, you might think twice.

La La Land
• Eight O’Clock Coffee
For Mia’s modest coffee shop origins.

Manchester by the Sea
• Sam Adams Boston Lager
Those Afflecks love their Boston roots. Unlike the main character in this flick, remember to drink responsibly.

• Ocean Spray Cranberries
For Little’s affinity for the big blue.

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