Get out and Vote on June 5th!

Tuesday is Election Day in California and it’s never been more important for working people to get out and vote! Corporate billionaires will stop at nothing to take away our freedom to stand together in our unions, including spending millions of dollars to fund candidates who will do their bidding and attack working people in the halls of our Capitol. But we know that our strength in numbers can always overcome their mountains of cash.

California has the strongest worker protections in the nation thanks to working people turning out to vote for candidates who stand with us. From raising the minimum wage, to safe workplaces, funding for our schools, and fighting Big Pharma to win transparency for soaring prescription drug prices…it’s clear that when we turn out to vote and hold politicians accountable, everyone in California has a better shot at the American Dream.

It’s time to mobilize at the polls and vote for candidates and ballot measures that will ensure working people keep our much-deserved seat at the table in California.

Take part in your most important civic duty and get out and vote on Tuesday June 5th!