Get Ready for 99% Spring “Tax Wealth, Not Work” Actions

This week, some 100,000 activists from unions and community, faith and other progressive groups are in 99% Spring training sessions around the country, learning how to take back the economy from the 1%. Their first big round of actions is set for Tax Day, April 17.  

Click here to find a Tax Day action near you. Click here to find a training session near you.

In demonstrations around the nation, working families will raise their voices to demand that the 1% and corporations pay their fair share. The wealthiest Americans—like Mitt Romney—pay a far lower percentage of their income in taxes than do average working people—and some multibillion-dollar corporations don’t pay a cent.

Under the Romney-Paul Ryan budget, millionaires and huge corporations would be given even more tax breaks, while essential programs and services for working families, military service personnel, students, veterans, seniors and the poor would be cut drastically and thousands of workers laid off.

An analysis of the Romney/Ryan budget by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center finds that people earning more than $1 million a year would receive $265,000 apiece in new tax cuts, on average, on top of the $129,000 they would receive from the budget’s extension of President George W. Bush’s tax cuts.

On the Tax Wealth Not Work National Day of Action, activists will demand that the 1% pay their fair share and that we overhaul the tax code to reflect the needs and values of the majority of Americans.