Gig Companies Shamelessly Use COVID-19 Pandemic to Strip Basic Protections from Workers on Crisis’ Front Lines 

Oakland, CA — The California Labor Federation condemned Uber/Lyft– the multi-billion corporations behind the so-called “Protect App-Based Drivers & Services coalition” that began filing signatures today for a ballot measure to rip basic rights and protections away from workers who have become frontline responders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Statement by California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski:

“These billionaire CEOs are shameless in their exploitation of workers, but using the pandemic to justify stripping basic protections away from workers on the frontlines of this crisis is a new low.

“If these companies really cared about their workers, they’d drop this harmful ballot measure and redirect their $110 million political war chest to a relief fund for drivers and shoppers.

“This pandemic underscores the need for basic protections for gig workers like unemployment insurance, paid sick days and safety equipment. By moving forward with a ballot measure to strip workers of these necessities, the gig companies expose their callous agenda to undermine the rights all workers desperately need right now. These companies must follow the law and treat their workers with dignity today — our economy and the public health depend on it.”