Gov. Brown Signs Expanded Film Tax Credit Measure, Protecting Hundreds of Thousands of CA Jobs

For generations, film and television production has been a driving force of California’s economy. This iconic industry not only entertains millions around the world every year, it provides hundreds of thousands of good middle-class jobs for California workers.

Today in Hollywood, Gov. Jerry Brown, joined by workers, union leaders, actors, elected officials and other industry leaders, ensured film and television production will be a critical part of California’s economy for years to come. The Governor signed AB 1839 into law, which expands California’s film and television tax credit to $330 million per year, allowing California to remain competitive with other states and countries in attracting production to our communities.

Gov. Brown:

Today, we remind the world that the Golden State is the home of the silver screen. This bill helps thousands of Californians – from stage hands and set designers to electricians and delivery drivers.

The bill was a priority for the California Labor Federation this year, and today’s signing was hailed by unions as a vital step forward in protecting our state’s middle class.

California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski:

With the Governor’s signature on AB 1839 today, we ensure that film and television production will continue to be a wellspring of middle-class jobs that fuel our economy and boost our communities. California’s unions are proud to stand with the Governor in support of our state’s iconic film and television industry and the hundreds of thousands of good California jobs it sustains.

As other states increased incentives to lure film and television production in recent years, California production has dropped by 50 percent. The behind-the-scenes California workers who make the magic we all enjoy on-screen come to life have struggled as production moved out of state. With the expansion of California’s film and television tax credit, the Golden State will be able to attract more production here, which not only sustains the middle class jobs of those working in the industry, it also supports small business, increases tax revenue for our communities and helps fuel California’s economic recovery.

IATSE Local 80 Business Manager Thom Davis:

Gov. Brown and Legislative Leaders have delivered a production incentive program that makes California jobs priority No. 1. These leaders deserve a standing ovation for delivering a smart job-retention program for California when so many jobs are on the line.

AB 1839, authored by Assemblymembers Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) and Raul J. Bocanegra (D-Los Angeles), received bi-partisan support in the legislature. The measure takes effect next year.