Gov. Newsom Offers Bold Budget Proposal Addressing California’s Most Pressing Needs

California Unions Look Forward to Partnering with Governor and Legislature to Protect Workers, Build an Economy That Works for All


Gov. Gavin Newsom pledged to be bold in tackling some of California’s most enduring challenges, and with his first budget proposal he’s signaled that his administration is poised to deliver on that promise. The governor’s proposals to expand health care, early childhood education, affordable housing and paid family leave exemplify the kind of progressive, working family-friendly policies the state must pursue to ensure we’re on the leading edge of building an economy that works for all.

We commend the governor for centering the needs of low-income and immigrant families in this budget, which is a moral imperative. It’s especially heartening to see the governor’s focus on education from early childhood through college. We applaud the governor for taking on prescription drug costs, building off important legislation advocated by unions and health care groups to rein in out-of-control pricing.

The labor movement looks forward to learning more in the coming weeks about the specifics of these proposals. It’s vital that California addresses the widening gap between the wealthiest few and everyone else by ensuring that the rich and big corporations pay their fair share as we chart a progressive economic course for our state’s future. As we collectively seek to give more families the opportunity to pursue the American Dream, it’s increasingly important that California leaders seek creative solutions to strengthen the middle class, protect working people as work changes and evolves, and give more workers the opportunity to form and join unions.

It takes a movement to create lasting change. California’s unions are proud to partner with Gov. Newsom and the state legislature to build our economy from the bottom up, resist the attacks from Donald Trump and the Republican Senate, and continue to ensure our state remains a beacon of hope for the rest of the nation.