Gov Brown, Teachers Speak Out for Schools in New Prop 30 Ad Series

California’s teachers have witnessed firsthand the impact of what $20 billion in cuts to our educational system looks like, and it isn’t pretty. Overcrowded classrooms. Outdated textbooks. 30,000 less teachers. Fewer school days. These are the current-day realities of what was once a world-class education system.

California now ranks 47th in the nation when it comes to per-pupil spending. College tuition is skyrocketing. The lack of investment in education has ripple effects across our state’s economy. The real solution to get our economy moving again and create good jobs in the long-term is to invest in the workers of the future – our kids – by giving them the schools and colleges that create an educated, innovative workforce.

That’s why educators, school employees, workers, students, community groups and elected officials are united with Gov. Brown behind Prop 30, the Schools and Local Public Safety Protection Act. Prop 30 stops nearly $6 billion in cuts to schools, colleges and universities this year, and invests billions in new funding in our students and our future. The measure ensures that every dollar raised must go to the classroom starting this year and no mid-year cuts will occur. Classroom spending will grow every year as education debts are repaid in full.

California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski:

After $20 billion in cuts to our schools over the last four years, it’s time to draw the line because we know the countries that out-educate us today will out-compete us tomorrow.

The Prop 30 campaign released a new TV ad series today, which highlights teachers and students who have been directly impacted by the cuts. One of the ads features 2012 Teacher of the Year Tom Collett, who knows what the real-life effects of draconian cuts looks like up close:

As teachers, the last four years have been devastating for our schools and colleges. Thirty thousand teachers laid off.  Music and art programs gone. Double-digit tuition hikes.  Prop. 30 stops the cuts.

And the ads also focus heavily on the strict accountability that’s built into the measure, which will ensure the funds raised won’t be wasted, and Sacramento politicians won’t be able to touch it. As Gov. Brown says in one of the new ads:

It’s time to stop the cuts and invest in our future.  Proposition 30 will restore funding for schools and prevent billions in cuts this year. And Proposition 30 has tough accountability to make sure money goes to the classroom, where it belongs.  Join me.  For our students and California’s future.  Yes on 30.

Watch the rest of the ad series here.

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