Help workers clean up the “hotbed of corruption” in Orange County

, Orange County Employees Association

Last November, workers across California stood together to beat Prop. 32. But the same Orange County politicians who helped write that dangerous ballot measure have kept up their attacks. This time, they’re going after the workers in Orange County who have been standing up against entrenched career politicians and telling them their corrupt ways have to end.

Politicians on the Orange County Board of Supervisors are responding by threatening County workers: Either accept a bad deal that involves further cuts to take-home pay, or face even worse in mediation.

These are the same tactics they used against the Orange County Grand Jury, which published several reports recently detailing an “atmosphere of fear” that prevents employees from reporting sexual harassment and assault and describing the County as a “hotbed of corruption.”

How did the Board of Supervisors respond? By attempting to cut the Grand Jury’s pay — just like they’re attempting to attack the social workers, public health nurses and peace officers who work for the County of Orange and who have been standing up against their attacks.

Workers and residents will never be treated fairly by these politicians until we clean up Orange County.

Please stand with us and share this video to help clean up Orange County, or visit therealocsupervisors.com for more information.