High-Quality, Accessible Public Education

A high-quality, accessible education system is essential to California’s working families. As an industry, education employs hundreds of thousands of workers across the state. As an investment in our state, nothing is more important. California used to have the best public schools and universities in the world, but now the state has plummeted to the bottom.. California cannot compete in a global economy if our school funding ranks behind Mississippi and Alabama.

We call for full funding of California’s entire education system. We support universal access to public higher education and we recognize that affordability is a key component of access. We oppose attempts to undermine education workers’ collective bargaining agreements and to unfairly punish educators. Together, we will defend job security for all workers, including our public school teachers.  We need to expand the state’s investment in career technical education and workforce development for workers of all ages. We will continue our ongoing work to defend labor education and research institutions across the state.

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