In Honor of Mother’s Day, 4 Fresh “Paid Sick Days” Tips to Keep CA Moms Healthy &amp; Happy All Year

In Honor of Mother’s Day, 4 Fresh “Paid Sick Days” Tips That’ll Keep CA Moms Healthy and Happy All Year Long

You might be surprised to learn that more flowers get sent on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.  Yep, that’s right– all the romantic Valentine’s Day arrangements, the spirited Christmas poinsettias, and even the blue irises at Hanukah don’t hold a candle to the floral frenzy we shower on our mamas every second Sunday of May.  As beautiful as our blossoms might be, isn’t it time to give mom something that will benefit her long after the flowers have wilted? Well here’s your chance.

Although few have done more to earn paid sick days than our loving working mothers, when they or a loved one falls ill, our efforts to give them the time off they deserve are hardly coming up roses.
Here’s 4 pointers that will get you up to speed just in time for Mother’s Day so you can help to do your part to ensure every California worker, mom or not, gets the paid sick days they’ve earned so they can quickly get better and back to work. 

  1. Over 5 million working Californians currently lack access to paid sick days, and working mothers are the most likely to need paid sick days.

    Working women are the primary caregivers for children, the elderly, and the disabled, and are more likely than fathers to need to stay home with a sick family member. Their nurturing way is why we love them so much, but too often they are forced to sacrifice their own health and the health of others just to keep up with the demands of taking care of their loved ones.

  2. Without paid sick days, parents may leave their children alone, or send them to a child care facility sick, potentially helping to spread illness.

    Many single working mothers report having to go to work ill or send their sick children to school or daycare because they don’t have paid sick days and can’t afford to lose wages or their jobs. Too often, taking a sick day means that mothers lose a full day’s pay which puts them between a rock and hard place: fail to provide groceries and other necessities for her family or send a sick child to school in order to not forfeit badly needed earnings.

  3. Women, make up one of the largest portions of food service, hospitality, retail and personal care industries—jobs that deal most directly with the public yet are the least likely to offer even a single sick day to workers.

    Without paid sick days, employees in the food service and personal care industries have the most ability to spread infectious disease to the public at large and to our seniors and children. Paid sick days allow people to care for their own health and that of their family members. When workers are able to stay at home when they are sick, they help to prevent the spread of illness, and improve individuals’ ability to recover more quickly.

    Even better, many business owners who already have a paid sick day policy in their city, report that the policy has helped to reduce employee turnover and healthcare costs, and they consistently report seeing improvements in productivity and staff morale.


  4. How can you help to get paid sick days for all workers including moms, dads, and even yourself? Take action by signing the petition.

    Our movement is growing, and just in time for Mother’s Day, we’ve launched our “10,000 Moms Strong for Paid Sick Days” Campaign in support of Assembly Bill 1522 introduced by working mom and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. Lorena’s bill will enable all California workers to earn an hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 3 paid sick days per year.

    According to polls, 85% of Californians support paid sick days legislation, and by signing the petition you’re telling key decision makers that you’re a part of the majority supporting this common-sense solution and they should too by voting to get it signed into law. 

So sign the petition, it’s free! And then go get your mom some flowers.  Both gifts are sure to keep her smiling on Mother’s Day and all year long.