International Labor Leaders Join Working Families to March Through LA on ‘Solidarity Saturday’

Mark your calendars – March 26th will be a day that workers' voices are heard all around the globe!  “Solidarity Saturday” starts with a massive march through Los Angeles beginning at the Convention Center and ending at Pershing Square, featuring international labor leaders from across the United States and everyday working people who are fighting for a stronger middle class and good jobs. The same day, protests will be held in Wisconsin and Iowa, and even in the London, where workers are fighting drastic layoffs and students are rising up against crippling budget cuts to schools. These events are all leading up to the massive Nationwide Day of Action on April 4th.

Working families are coming together and standing strong to hold onto our most basic worker rights, and to protect the middle class way of life that has been created through collective bargaining. 

In Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Michigan and now in California, working families and their right to collective bargaining are under attack by the same big corporate CEOs that have fought to destroy these rights for private sector workers.  This threatens the things we care about most: good jobs, safer neighborhoods, quality public schools, affordable health care and cleaner air, for starters.

Here in California, we remain a strong blue state, because Californians know how important it is to have a strong middle class for working families.  The fact is – America's workers are the wrong target.  It's Wall Street that needs to be held accountable for destroying the retirement security of hundreds of millions of workers.

In our democracy, we believe that all Americans should be able to achieve economic security through access to a quality education and good-paying jobs.   We know that unions and collective action are essential to achieving those goals.

Be a part of “Solidarity Saturday,” by joining the march in Los Angeles on March 26th.  More info can be found at at http://www.ourcommunitiesourjobs.com/ and on Facebook under the fan page for “March and Rally for Our Jobs, Our Communities.”

And on April 4th, join the massive Nationiwde Day of Action and Solidarity by attending any of the 17 events going on around the state. Learn more and find an event in your area.