Invest in California’s Infrastructure

While California’s infrastructure was once the best in the world, now it can now barely serve our existing population, let alone sustain population growth. California’s bridges, roads, waterways and schools are crumbling around us. We used to build the products the rest of the world wanted, now we import everything from cars to steel from abroad. A healthy economy depends on a secure infrastructure and a robust manufacturing industry to support business and job growth.  An investment in infrastructure and in manufacturing would put Californians back to work, while at the same time laying the foundation for a vibrant state economy.

We must have a comprehensive strategy for making investments in infrastructure and a sustainable, equitable way to finance them. We need to restore our public transportation systems, modernize our rail system and rebuild our roads and waterways. We must double our efforts to build high speed rail in California. We need to continue to support California’s maritime trades and the vast economic engine they fuel through the state’s ports. Californians are on the cutting edge of technological advances; we need to manufacture those high-tech products here in California.

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