Legislative White Papers

California Labor’s 2012 Legislative White Papers

The California Labor Federation has produced a series of White Papers on pressing policy issues impacting union members and the middle class in 2012.


Plan for Job Creation and Economic Recovery

California was once a global economic powerhouse. Since 2007, the state has lost over a million and a half jobs, slashed funding for vital public programs and still waits for economic recovery. Californians should be working their way into the middle class, not falling out of it. This white paper outlines California Labor’s plan to put California back to work, expand the middle class and restore the economic strength of our state.

Confronting the Rise of Contingent Work in California

In the 21st century economy, one of our greatest challenges is the increased reliance on contingent workers. The traditional employment relationship has been eroded by a complex web of subcontracted layers, shielding those at the top from liability for the abuses committed by intermediaries. This white paper builds on existing laws and campaigns to outline a strategy to confront an urgent issue facing all unions and working people.

Unions and the California Health Benefit Exchange

In 2014, millions of Californians will enroll in subsidized health coverage in the state Health Benefit Exchange (HBEX). The Exchange is at the core of federal health reform and will connect individuals with affordable health coverage. Unions have an important role in ensuring that the Exchange provides access to affordable coverage and preserves job-based coverage union members currently enjoy. This white paper provides policy recommendations on the Exchange for unions to consider.


California’s Unemployment Insurance System: Underfunded and Undervalued

Unemployment Insurance benefits keep millions of Californians out of abject poverty when they lose their jobs. The recession has put enormous pressure on the UI system and California is billions of dollars in debt to the federal government for UI loans. This white paper tracks a course for getting out of debt and strengthening the safety net for millions of unemployed Californians.

Workers Compensation Reform: Undoing the Damage of 2004

Workers Compensation helps workers injured on the job heal, recover and return to work in a timely matter. After the 2004 Schwarzenegger reforms, injured workers are hurting now more than ever. This white paper outlines a strategy for repairing the workers comp system so that it serves the workers that depend on it.