California Labor has endorsed the following policies as our path forward for investing in California to create good jobs now and a better life for our families in the future. Click on each policy/issue to learn more.

2021 Legislative Agenda

The pandemic continues to expose workers and their families to dangerous conditions every day. As California and the Nation attempt to “Build Back Better,” the labor movement must remain vigilant on the disparities brought to light by this pandemic: from worker health and safety, access to good paying jobs, and inequities in our health care […]

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2019 Legislative Agenda

We cannot build toward a brighter future unless we raise standards and restore security to working people now. Technology and automation reflect the power structure in the workplace. As long as workers remain powerless, emerging technologies will be deployed by greedy CEOs to deskill, drive down costs, and eliminate workers. Only by rebuilding worker power will we harness the promise of technology to make jobs better, workers safer, and society more just.

California Labor’s 2019 legislative agenda focuses on restoring labor rights, strengthening worker power, and ensuring access to justice for working people. It’s not just the future of work we are fighting for, but the future of workers, to ensure dignity and security for all.

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2018 Policy Statements

As Californians, we are—and have always been—visionaries who see no limit to our future. The world looks to us for leadership and we must take that responsibility seriously. The way to grow our economy and create good jobs is to invest in California again.

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Our 2016 Policy Statements

We endorse these policy statements as our path forward for investing in California to create good jobs now and a better life for all in the future.

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