Jerry Brown on Education


Jerry Brown has been a 40-year advocate for education and has worked tirelessly to defend teachers and increase funding for education.

  • As Governor, Brown made major investments in the California education system, both for K-12 programs and for higher education. Under Brown’s leadership, funding for K-12 education quadrupled, and he substantially expanded funding for the University of California and California State University systems.
  • Brown also increased the funding for Cal Grant awards by 50%, helping more low-income students attend college.
  • He increased funding and teacher training in math, engineering and science, established computer demonstration centers, high tech vocational education programs, joint public-private education and training programs, and worker training programs.
  • Brown improved funding for apprenticeship programs and established the California Worksite Education and Training Act (CWETA). CWETA provided job-training programs and guaranteed jobs to students in areas such as farming, electronics, and nursing.
  • Brown has spent decades encouraging and promoting improved standards to strengthen California’s education system.
  • As Governor, Brown signed legislation mandating every high school district establish academic standards for graduation.
  • Brown increased the graduation requirements to include 3 years of math and 2 years of science.
  • He also signed the School Improvement Program (SIP). SIP gave local teachers and administrators more control over their schools and established local councils to assess schools and granted additional funding for plans to increase school effectiveness.


A vote for Jerry Brown is a vote for a Governor who knows how to repair the education system in California.

  • Jerry Brown has called for “a major overhaul of many components of the postsecondary system” including a focus on community colleges.
  • He recognizes major flaws within the state’s expensive testing program and will work to reform these tests to make them much more beneficial to students, parents and teachers.
  • Teacher training and recruitment are major components of Brown’s plan for education. He will work to recruit more teachers from the top third of high school graduates, push for local apprenticeship programs to combine university coursework with extensive classroom experience, and provide incentives for veteran teachers to mentor novice teachers to give invaluable training and guidance.
  • Students will benefit from Brown’s promise to place a stronger emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math programs in statewide curriculum, as well as his continuous commitment to improving high school graduation rates.
  • Brown is also committed to encouraging the State Board of Education to provide better support for English learners and will expand after-school and summer school programs to complement English Learning programs.


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