Jerry Brown on Equal Rights


Jerry Brown championed wage equality for women workers.

  • As Governor, Brown strengthened California’s equal pay laws, permitted class action lawsuits by workers who were discriminated against, and extended the statute of limitations to two years on legal actions to recover wages. (SB 1051, 1976)
  • He also conformed the state Equal Pay Act to the federal Equal Pay Act (SB 1835, 1982), and established the Comparable Worth Task Force to study pay for women in state service. (AB 549, 1981)


Brown supports equal rights for women in the workplace.

  • Brown signed a bill to prohibit discrimination in hiring, employment, or promotion on the basis of pregnancy (AB 1960, 1978), and granted women workers state Disability Insurance benefits during pregnancy. (AB 3881, 1976)
  • He also signed a landmark bill to prohibit sexual harassment. (AB 1985, 1982)
  • Brown appointed more women and minorities to office than any other previous California governor.

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