Jerry Brown on Workplace Safety


Jerry Brown has a proven track record, both as Governor and as Attorney General, of promoting workplace safety and enforcing state laws to protect workers against scofflaw employers.

  • As Governor, Brown required employers to inform workers about toxic substances produced or handled in the workplace. (SB 1874, 1980)
  • He signed a bill requiring the Department of Industrial Relations to create occupational health centers to train personnel and conduct research in the field of occupational health and medicine. (AB 3414, 1978)
  • As Attorney General, Brown sued a farm labor contractor for committing “potentially deadly” worker safety violations by neglecting to provide rest breaks, potable drinking water and shade to field workers. (People v. Juan Munoz, 2010)
  • He sued a Bakersfield-based construction company for “cruelly and illegally” violating the rights of its workers by prohibiting rest breaks, denying overtime pay and forcing work without safety equipment. (People v. Charles Evleth Construction, 2009)


Throughout his career, Jerry Brown has spearheaded efforts to strengthen the workers’ compensation system.

  • While Governor, Brown enacted the nation’s first workers’ compensation cancer presumption law for firefighters. (AB 3011, 1982)
  • Brown created an asbestos workers’ compensation fund to deal with the extended legal and health problems of workers afflicted with asbestosis. (AB 946, 1980)
  • He signed legislation to allow workers the right to see their own doctor for a work related injury. (AB 1287, 1975)
  • As Attorney General, Brown has gone after consultants who advise employers about schemes to misclassify employees as independent contractors and cheat the state workers’ compensation system. (People v. Contractors Asset Protection Association, Inc. (ConAPA), 2009)

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