Join the Crowd, Visit the AFL-CIO’s New Collective Bargaining Site

If you’re not one of the 58,000 people who’ve checked out the trio of fun videos on our new website—Collective Bargaining: Real people. Real Impact—you’re missing a good dose of timely satire. Produced by Laughing Liberally and the AFL-CIO, the videos use wry humor to demonstrate the importance of collective bargaining. You’ll see just how bad things can get if workers don’t have a voice at the bargaining table–from pay cuts and benefit attacks all the way to “Paid Child Fun Time” (also known as child labor) and other schemes hatched by bosses who have the negotiating table all to themselves. Not even a pizza party makes those any easier to swallow.

Bottom line: Collective bargaining gives working people a voice at the table.

The site also facts and news about collective bargaining as well as videos and stories of wroking people talking about how collective bargaining, like a rising tide, benefits both union and nonunion workers; its importance in improving the lives of domestic workers; and the attacks on collective bargaining by governors like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker (R) and Ohio’s John Kasich (R.)

The attacks on workers and collective bargaining has been so outlandish this year, sometimes it’s hard to figure out if what you are hearing is real or not. Find out with our Real or Not quiz.

Click here to explore the new site and be sure to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.