Kamala Harris — Ready to Take On the Tough Fights As Attorney General

The state Attorney General is our first line of defense against the corporate criminals of California. During his time as AG, Jerry Brown has worked tirelessly to crack down on employers who exploit their workers and violate workplace protection laws. He sued to stop Wall Street abuse, sub-prime mortgage lending and other fraudulent business practices that lead to lost jobs, homes and savings for countless Californians.

Our next Attorney General should be just as committed to defending California’s working families. That’s why Kamala Harris is the clear choice to succeed Brown as AG. There’s no doubt that Harris is a true Main Street candidate, and the fact that Karl Rove and his shady corporate front groups are spending more than a million dollars on deceptive attack ads targeting her only reinforces the fact that she’s the right choice for California.

In a recent column on the Huffington Post, Harris exposed the truth behind the attacks:

Rove's group, the “The Republican State Leadership Committee,” has purchased $1.1 million of TV airtime to run vicious ads attacking our campaign. And who exactly is funding this group's attacks? The very polluters, cigarette manufacturers, and insurance industry giants who I will stand up to as Attorney General …. They know, as you know, that I will fight for all Californians, combating mortgage fraud, promoting a green economy, and working for a fair health care system.

Harris in a tough race against Steve Cooley, who has proven to be aggressively anti-worker and has even been subject to legal action due to his blatant union-busting and discrimination. This week, the California Labor Federation launched a new TV ad in support of Harris for AG, in order to combat the deep pockets and vicious right-wing attacks (scroll down to view the ad).

To us, the choice for AG is simple. Take it from President Obama, who’s strongly endorsed Kamala Harris’ candidacy, saying she’s done a “remarkable job” as San Francisco District Attorney. Harris has proven that she’s tough on crime and stands with working families. We can’t let Cooley’s attack dogs like Karl Rove succeed in taking down a candidate like Harris who’s shown she’s on our side. Learn more about Kamala.