“If you believe that cooperation works better than conflict, if you believe that shared prosperity is important … I'd vote Yes on 30 and against 32, because that's the way I feel.” –President Bill Clinton


Yes on Prop 30 – Take a Stand for Schools and Public Safety

  • Prop 30 would stave off $6 billion in additional cuts to California’s schools and universities. Prop 30 will provide billions in new funding starting this year, which will go towards things like smaller class sizes, updated textbooks and rehiring teachers. Learn more.
  • Prop 30 puts more cops on the streets. Prop 30 will make sure public safety is required in our state’s constitution, so that funding cannot be cut without voter approval. It will increase the number of police and first responders, and will save the state billions on future prison costs. Learn more.
  • Prop 30 helps balance the budget. This measure is a critical step in addressing the continual budget shortfalls that plague California. Prop 30 will help pay down the state’s debt by making the wealthy pay their fair share. Learn more.

No on Prop 32 – Stop the Special Exemptions Act

  • Prop 32 isn’t what it seems. The billionaires and CEOs behind Prop 32 intentionally wrote it to seem like even-handed campaign finance reform, but in reality, it would give corporate special interests even more power and influence in Sacramento – while the voices of working men and women would be silenced. Learn more.
  • Prop 32 is riddled with exemptions for CEOs, Wall Street Hedge Funds, billionaires, LLCs and insurance companies; the same big money interests who have funneled more than $50 million into Prop 32, would be completely exempt from its provisions. Learn more.
  • Leading newspapers call Prop 32 “a fraud,” “a cynical ploy” and “a deceptive sham.” And non-partisan groups who advocate for policies that curb special interest influence are urging voters to REJECT Prop 32. California Common Cause says it “will do more harm to California's democracy than good.” The League of Women Voters says “Prop 32 was deliberately written to look like campaign reform, but it is not.”
  • Prop 32 is the first blow of a one-two punch aimed at working families.  Once the 1% and corporate special interests succeed in silencing our voice, they’ll waste no time going after all of the things we’ve fought for, like fair wages, safe workplaces, retirement security – even our right to have a voice at work. Learn more.


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