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November 2016 Endorsements – San Bernardino & Riverside Counties

Contact information
1074 La Cadena Drive, Suite 1, Riverside, CA 92507
Phone: (909) 825-7871, FAX: (909) 825-0110

San Bernardino and Riverside endorsements 

Statewide Ballot Measures

President Hillary Clinton
United States Senate Kamala Harris
Congressional District 08 Paul Cook
Congressional District 27 Judy Chu
Congressional District 31 Pete Aguilar
Congressional District 35 Norma Torres
Congressional District 36 Raul Ruiz
Congressional District 39 Brett Murdock
Congressional District 41 Mark Takano
Congressional District 42 Tim Sheridan
Congressional District 50 No Endorsement
Assembly District 33 Scott Markovich
Assembly District 36 Steve Fox
Assembly District 40 Abigail Medina
Assembly District 41 Chris Holden
Assembly District 42 Greg Rodriguez
Assembly District 47 No Recommendation
Assembly District 52 Freddie Rodriguez
Assembly District 55 Greg Fritchle
Assembly District 56 Eduardo Garcia
Assembly District 60 Eric Linder
Assembly District 61 Jose Medina
Assembly District 67 No Endorsement
Assembly District 71 No Endorsement
Assembly District 75 No Endorsement
Senate District 21 Jonathon Ervin
Senate District 23 No Endorsement
Senate District 25 Anthony Portantino
Senate District 29 Josh Newman
Senate District 31 Richard Roth


Statewide Ballot Measures

Proposition 51:  School Construction Bond. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more… 

Proposition 52: Federal Medi-Cal Healthcare Matching Funds. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more… 

Proposition 53: Attack on Local Control of Infrastructure Projects and Union Jobs. Recommend: Vote NO   Read more…

Proposition 54: Billionaire Attack on Legislative Proceedings. Recommend: Vote NO   Read more…

Proposition 55:  Tax Extension on Wealthy to Fund Children’s Education and Healthcare. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more…

Proposition 56: Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement. Recommend: Vote  YES  Read more…

Proposition 57: Juvenile and Non-violent Criminal Sentencing Reform. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more…

Proposition 58: California Education for a Global Economy. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more…

Proposition 59: Campaign Finance (nonbinding) Overturn Citizen’s United. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more…

Proposition 60: Adult Films. Condoms. Health Requirements. Recommend: No Recommendation   Read more…

Proposition 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards. Recommend: No Recommendation   Read more…

Proposition 62: Death Penalty. Initiative Statute. Maximum penalty Life Without Parole. Recommend: Vote YES   Read more…

  • Learn more about Prop 62 in our Top Props Exclusive: Vote YES on Prop 62 to End the Death Penalty

Proposition 63: Firearms. Ammunition Sales. Recommend: No Recommendation   Read more…

Proposition 64: Marijuana Legalization. Recommend: No Recommendation   Read more…

Proposition 65: Carry-out Bags. Charges. (Plastic bag manufacturers measure) Recommend: No Recommendation   Read more…

Proposition 66: “Death Penalty Procedures. Removes Legal Protection. Recommend: Vote NO   Read more…

Proposition 67: Uphold State Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags.   Recommend: Vote YES  Read more…

For a complete list of statewide endorsements, click here 

Click here to download California Labor’s 2016 Endorsements & Ballot Measures Analyses

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