May Day 2017: Working People United

The origins of May Day run deep in the history of our nation. From the late 1800s when our ancestors were fighting and dying for the 8-hour work day to 2006 when hundreds of thousands marched together for immigrant rights, International Workers’ Day has been a time for working people to come together and fight for our values.

This year is no different. Hundreds of thousands of working people across the world will take action today. In California alone, there are over a dozen major actions organized by working people. From San Diego to Redding, working people are united to fight for dignity and respect for all. Find an action near you here.

California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski said of May Day:

“Today, hundreds of thousands of Californians are marching for justice in a massive display of solidarity with the immigrant workers who are vital to our state’s economy and communities. We’re sending a clear message to the Trump Administration and GOP Congress that attacks on immigrant communities won’t be tolerated in California.”

Caravaners with the Caravan Against Fear will strike against Trump’s policies of hate and division. The strike is a culmination of a 22 day journey across the southern border region to defend immigrant rights, keep families together, and stand up against the cruel and racist immigration policies pushed by the Trump Administration. Caravaners joined large-scale protests and actions, and made personal visits to Members of Congress over the course of three weeks.

Alejandra Valles, Secretary-Treasurer of SEIU United Service Workers West organized and joined the Caravan. When asked why she joined the Caravan, Alejandra said:

“It’s very personal for me. I believe in the individuals’ empowerment of collective action. I saw the fear some had before we started this – just going out into the community to even go into the grocery store feels dangerous for many.  I saw that fear and I wanted to stand with them.

I remember having an undocumented mother and father growing up and I saw that same fear in their eyes out in the community when we saw police. I want that to change. We believe that standing up now and letting our children know that there is nothing wrong with them is vital.

I look into [my fellow Caravaners] eyes now and I see no fear in them. There is hope and empowerment. So many are standing with us. We do this now because we love ourselves and if we don’t do anything we give up our power. We are not scared, we are hardworking people. We are good people. We deserve respect.”

Learn more about the Caravan here: https://www.caravanagainstfear.org.

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