Meg Whitman Doesn’t Like Meg Whitman’s Plans

Apparently Meg Whitman doesn't like her own plans for California, or else why would she threaten to sue TV stations if they don't hide her true ideas from the state. According to the Sacramento Bee:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is threatening to sue television stations that run a California Teachers Association ad attacking the candidate, calling the spot a lie.

The Whitman campaign today said some stations have pulled the ad. The CTA said it is trying to confirm that. … CTA spokeswoman Sandra Jackson said the ad's claim relies on Whitman's plan to cut $15 billion in state funding overall. She said cuts to education typically make up about half of total budget cuts.

In the letter, Whitman's attorney (and attorney for the proposed GOP Dirty Tricks) said that she hadn't specifically cited education as a target for cuts. But, you know what, there are pretty little magazines that you can control, and then there is the real world. If Meg Whitman really wants to cut another $15 Billion, where does she think that is going to come from? She's not doing anything about tax loopholes, heaven forbid.

Her pound of flesh is coming from California's most vulnerable, and she will extract for the short-term from the promise that California holds for the long haul. She will slash and burn through the education budget and call herself some sort of champion of the people.

And it will probably work, because she has money, and these days the one with the money rules, right? Right?

As for this pathetic attempt, TV stations shouldn't be bullied by flimsy claims. If Meg Whitman doesn't like the truth, how about she explain what she means. For real this time, not the blather we've heard before.