New Tool Helps Jobless Workers Start a New Chapter

When your job gets shipped overseas, you want help fast. You don’t want to decode reams of fine print to get that help.

The AFL-CIO Working America Institute (WAI) has cracked the code of the highly respected federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program and created a new website to help workers devastated by outsourcing get the help they need.

At TAAhelps.org, a simple, engaging animation, introduces TAA’s benefits, including training, health care and income support and job-hunt resources. It’s easy to quickly click through benefit details—and jump to a resource page that breaks down the process of TAA certification.

Short videos of workers who have benefited from TAA bring home the crucial role this program has played for more than 50 years in helping some 280,000 workers start a new chapter in their lives.

The AFL-CIO’s WAI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating good jobs and building strong communities. The TAAhelps site grew from a collaboration spearheaded by WAI with AFL-CIO state federations in California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as the National Employment Law Project and the Workforce Development Institute.