New UFW Website Documents Personal Stories From the Farm Worker Movement

Preparing to observe its 50th anniversary, the United Farm Workers is launching a unique interactive web site, www.ufwstories.com. It will document the accounts of thousands of men, women and children who participated over five historic decades with Cesar Chavez and the UFW. It will tell the story of how millions of Americans, 17 million adults in a 1975 nationwide poll, rallied to the farm workers’ cause and continue to support it.

These stories range from strikers, full-time organizers and staff to volunteer pickets, marchers and countless consumers who boycotted grapes and other products. The UFW asks you to share what you did, and are still doing, for farm workers in this official and premiere location that preserves these stories and makes them available for future generations.

Your story doesn't have to be about a momentous event. It can be an account of the countless every-day acts of support and selflessness that allowed the UFW to succeed. This novel web site acknowledges all the people whose important contributions can be forgotten.

Please share your story and make it available for future generations.. Post a photograph or memento of your involvement along with a story of any length of what you did or continue to do to support La Causa.

Go to: www.ufwstories.com.