News affecting working people this week: January 25-29

News affecting working people this week: January 25-29

by Rachel Warino

We'd like to highlight a few recent articles on Friedrichs v CTA:

  • [must read OpEd on Friedrichs] Scalia’s Putsch at the Supreme Court, New York Times
  • Teachers should pay fair share for representation, San Diego Union Tribune
  • Union supporters rally in San Francisco to express concern about pending US Supreme Court case, KRON 4

And on the 7th Anniversary of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, be sure to read AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler's post on Moms Rising: No Working Woman Should Have to Wait Decades to Receive Equal Pay. Also cheers to President Obama for his new executive actions taken today to continue to address the gender pay gap! Join the conversation on social media with #EqualPayCantWait! 



  • President Obama Announces Rules for Closing Gender Pay Gap, NBC
  • A Surprising Number of America’s Mayors Support $15 Minimum Wage, Politico Nearly two-thirds of mayors surveyed anonymously by Politico say that raising the minimum wage is something they would endorse. (!!!!!)
  • Labor Goes South, American Prospect
  • To retain drivers, some trucking companies try giving them a voice on the job, Washington Post
  • Can Labor Support Both Black Lives Matter And Police Unions?, Buzzfeed
  • Employee Wellness Programs Use Carrots and, Increasingly, Sticks, New York Times
  • [great news!] Staff Of The Center For American Progress Unionizes, Huffington Post

Feel Good Friday

With all of the tragic/depressing/enraging news coming out of Flint, it's stories like this that make me feel some hope for the world. Labor unions from across state volunteer to aid in Flint's water crisis