News &amp; highlights affecting working people this week: August 10-14




  • Tech Shuttle Company Is Accused of Thwarting Efforts to Unionize Its Drivers, Mother Jones
  • Kochs' disingenuous attack on cronyism, OC Register
  • UC's $15 minimum wage leaves out many workers, LA Times
  • California Government Pension Initiative Receives Official Ballot Title and Language, Capital & Main 



  • The Future of Work: Labor Law Must Catch Up, Pacific Standard by Richard L. Trumka & Craig Becker
  • Here's to 80 Years of Social Security — and at Least 80 More, HuffPo
  • SEC pay-ratio rules raises question of CEO value, SF Chronicle OpEd by Robert Reich
  • The Perils of Ever-Changing Work Schedules Extend to Children’s Well-Being, NY Times
  • She thought she was entitled to maternity leave. After asking for it, she lost her job, WaPo
  • White House to Hold Summit to Amplify Employees’ Voice in Workplace, WSJ 
  • Organizing Is the Key to Surviving Friedrichs, Labor Notes
  • Give Fast Food Workers a Raise, Already, NY Times
  • A Year After Ferguson, the Fight for Racial Justice Continues, OpEd by AFL-CIO Civil, Human & Women's Rights Director Carmen Berkley
  • Stronger Together: Your Voice in the Workplace Matters, OpEd by Secretary of Labor Tom Perez

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  • WATCH: Kids Read Dumb Rightwing Talking Points, Respond How Media Should, Alternet