News &amp; highlights affecting working people this week: August 24-28




  • Paycheck parity: Assembly backs equal pay for women, LA Times
  • California voters support increasing tobacco tax, raising minimum wage, SacBee
  • Google Express workers vote to unionize, USA Today
  • Public pension shocker: Shutting a pension plan actually costs taxpayers money, LA Times
  • Uber Is Spending Big Bucks on Lobbying in California, Fortune
  • Los Angeles lawmakers approve plan that would allow Uber and Lyft pickups at LAX, LA Times
  • Editorial: Why can't college athletes unionize? LA Times
  • This summer camp just churned out 80 activists, LA Times
  • Rail workers score big safety win in California, People's World



  • The Labor Ruling McDonald's Has Been Dreading Just Became A Reality, Huffington Post
  • AFL-CIO President Trumka: I’m Just Going to Say It: Hateful. Racist., Daily Kos
  • [Great for sharing] Gender wage gap narrower among unionized workforce, figures show, Al Jazeera America
  • [Amazing news!!] Home Healthcare Workers Haven’t Qualified for Minimum Wage for 80 Years. Now They Do, The Nation
  • [Incredible interview] Joe Stiglitz Knows How to Solve Inequality, if Anyone Will Listen, Gawker
  • Back Wages: They Belong to You, DOL Blog
  • Why Does USTR Want to Want Non-TPP Auto Parts to Benefit?
  • Labor Secretary Tom Perez To Join The Fight For $15, HuffPo
  • Like Fast Food Workers, Adjunct Professors Deserve Higher Pay, flagpole
  • The Real War on Families: Why the U.S. Needs Paid Leave Now, In These Times
  • Parental Leave Isn't Just About Parents: Why It Makes a Difference to Our Kids' Health (by Melinda Gates), HuffPo
  • The shocking number of new moms who return to work two weeks after childbirth, WaPo
  • I've Worked at Mcdonald's for 7 Years Without a Raise. Now, the Fight for 15 Gives Me (and Workers Worldwide) Hope., HuffPo